Wednesday, 3 April 2013


wow I haven't posted for a vair long while.

I'm not going to do the obligatory blogger 'I'm soo sorry I haven't posted for ages! Here's a lovely long post to make up for my virtual absence!'

Because let's face it: No One Cares.

And conversely: I WILL NEVER CARE. Tra la la la laaaaa

I've just been for a run. Hands up if this has ever happened to you....


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Whatever You Do, Do It Well

Let's face facts, a blogger ne'er shall I be.
A journalist, perhaps. A writer, possibly.
But despite all my best intentions I sadly do not have the time (or the inclination) to post daily, sometimes thrice daily like the keener variety of bloggerists out there.

("Stop trying to make 'Fetch' happen, its not going to happen!" Shut up, Regina)

Anyway anyway anyway, I've spent more time thinking about what I would write recently if I only had the time, was near a computer, wasn't suffering from a crippling hangover that makes even the short journey from ones bed to the life saving oasis that is Robinson's Orange Squash in the kitchen below a mammoth task, let alone turning on a laptop and actually using ones brain power to COMPOSE A WHOLE POST etcc. 

Jack of all trades, Master of none.
That's me, I suppose. Formally a derogatory term (You may have heard it worded as 'Jack of all trades, Master of Fuck All' by those more crude of tongue than me) I'm now reinstating it as a badge of honor. So I may never win a gold in the 400m, I'll never sing during half time at the superbowl and I may never go into space but it's not about being the best of the best, if you can acknowledge what you are good at and use it to your advantage, you're still winning.

I've done a lot of things and haven't failed miserably at all of them (Although I do remember a certain PE teacher getting horribly frustrated with me because, although I was quite nippy in the sprint stakes, she could not, for love nor money, teach me to do the hurdles correctly. I think it was my legs way of protesting against the inhumanity of it all. Horses are meant to jump fences, not humans) hashtag digression...

The point is, although I don't blog everyday of the week it doesn't mean my writing isn't as good as someone who does. It doesn't mean that because I don't make money from it won't help me in the future or give me some good experience...

I had a tea break then, mid post, and just saw a 6 year old diving from a 10ft high board. Now that is definitely something that I will NEVER ever be able to do.

So I've kinda lost my train of thought and the reason for this sum, celebrate all those talents you do have, even if you're not the best of the best doesn't mean you're not good at it.

I've been drinking a lot of herbal tea of late. Those ones that come with little inspiring quotes attached to the teabag...I'll switch back to coffee and have a vacuous fashion post for you next week :)

"You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut"
- Dr. Seuss


Wednesday, 2 January 2013


This is the first year I have been alive that has four different digits.

If you spend more than five minutes (the time I spent checking the validity of my previous statement) pondering this sentiment and find it to be flawed then please, keep it to yourself.


Woooo! New Year! New Me! New You! I've been to the gym four times already this week and drank gallons of lemon and wheatgrass detoxifying juice!


Things I hate 874: people making you feel bad via social networking sites.
I don't care about your New Years resolutions, nor am I interested that you're actually following them through. Some of us are still eating Terry's Chocolate orange for breakfast and have no interest in getting the running shoes out* ergo I shall not be 'liking' any of your updates henceforth.
This mini ramble is of course just a transparent attempt to make myself feel better that I'm not 'detoxing' and haven't stopped eating the Christmas chocolate. But I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and would be deeply disappointed if I hadn't finished off all the Ferrero Rochers...

I would also be disappointed because I wouldn't have chance to wear my NEW boots and NEW dress. Had a nice little shopping trip with la madre and my Christmas vouchers today. Haven't got a camera to hand/a cable to upload photos anyway so here are my latest purchases, sin me;

Denim smock dress Topshop £38
I had a nose around the sales and it was a toss up between this and a cute denim pinafore but as my Mince Pie Top made a rather rude appearance in the pinafore this smock dress won. 
Good work, smock dress. 

I feel like I'm probably going to be wearing this a lot...its easy to dress up with a big necklace or down with my ankle boots and woolly socks. 
Casual samosa like. 
Leather buckle western ankle boot, New Look £54.99
These are my new booties:) I realllly wanted a pair of Chelsea boots with a little heel but alas alack my ankles resemble those of Olive Oil which means without a buckle or zip they fall off my feet.
I know right? first world problems... but then I found these baby's which has made up for my lack of ankle fat.
Perhaps I could syphon some off from my bum...

And if you are thinking 'but those items are full price! FULL PRICE YOU FOOL' then never fear because a) I had vouchers and b) I got a pair of creepers that I've secretly wanted for many moons but have been ridiculed for liking by my brother and his 'death to hipsters' mantra for 10 squid. So rest easy dear reader, money was indeed saved.

Well, not really because I could have left them on the shelf and had £10 more in my purse but YOLO and all that...

*after a brief foray into the world of running a few months ago I was able to confirm what I have deep down, always known: I hate running

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Yule tide greetings of festiveness and obesity to one and all!
Did we all have a nice Christmas? Once again I haven't had time to write for aggges. After the launch party for Little Shirley Beans (read all about it here) Christmas was upon us faster than you can say "I'm carrying a little holiday weight" and I was home to Liverpool for a lovely restful few days with the family, and some not so restful nights with the friends (Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan being among them) before I was hot footing it back to London to serve the eternally grateful (ha) east end public their much needed booze.

Its Christmas. People NEED alcohol.

Santa brought me a lovely retro-esque sewing box with lots of pins and thimbles and buttons and shiny things to keep me amused in the New Year. He also got me the perfect grey jumper from H&M that I've been searching for for what seems like an eternity, you may have seen me wandering the rails of the high street like Kathy calling for Heathcliff in the quest for said garment. Its longer at the back which is handy for covering the Mince Pie Top, formerly known as the Muffin Top, and has a round neck perfect for wearing with a collar or cape. I'mma look for the perfect denim shirt to wear with when I brave the sales next week...

It's the 30th now and I don't think I've taken it off since Christmas. Apart from when I went to bed. I'm not that disgusting, you dirty ticket.

Photo: Christmas cat THE jumper.The cat loves being dressed in tinsel. Honestly.

I also got a reallllllly cute dress that I wore on boxing day from H&M - its a bodycon, emerald green jersey affair with, for want of a more accurate description (and it pains me to type this), diamante on the shoulders.

But if you can't wear sequins and glitter on boxing night IN LIVERPOOL then when the hell can you?!

Now comes the NYE outfit conundrum, I have sparkly, purple tailored trousers (again, when in Rome...) and a black top that I think will work but haven't yet tried on together...should really do that before tomorrow night lest we experience the I Have Nothing To Wear hysterics and I drown my sorrows in Gin.

I'm also thinking of wearing some sort of statement lip things just 'coz it's a special occasion and doing some sort of Rockabilly/ 1940's victory roll with my hair

Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Winter's Coolest Hair and Makeup Looks

"Everything you can imagine is real" 
Pablo Picasso 

Happy 2013 readers 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

LSB Launch Party

It's a week since the big event and by all counts it was a success!
Its taken me exactly seven days to catch up on sleep, hang up my needle and thread and re join the real world.

There were drinks there were mince pies, we had vintage hair & make up and fairy lights. We had some amazing 80's jumpers and over sized 70's travel bags.

Now its time to regroup and plan for the new year! Well, in January it will be. Christmastime is too exhausting to be planning new ventures; everyone has their 'out of office' on and have that end of the year glazed over look in their eyes. A bit like the cast of TOWIE.   

Lovely shoppers at the event!
Yours truly in a LSB collar

I decided to wear a vintage* Topshop dress, which I rescued from my material swag bag. It's a size 14 but fits me in a loose 1920's  flapper style way. Perfect for the occasion. I decided to wear it with the current favourite from my own collection as well, a reworked bronze cape/collar with a black chiffon frill. I've appropriated this for my Christmas wardrobe. Similar pieces are available via my Facebook page!


*by vintage I just mean old. Call it artistic licence. 

Monday, 10 December 2012


Eating biscuits and watching (by watching I mean continually slagging off) Made In Chelsea is the perfect Monday night in.

We have a definite love hate relationship. Me and MIC that is. It makes me so angry but I just can't.stop.watching.

Oh how the other half live! And now they're 'slumming it' in Amsterdam, what larks!

I have a developed a worrying attachment to Jamie and a marginally less disturbing one to Francis. Apparently calling him Franny lad isn't acceptable, hmm.
I just loled at the thought of me and Francis going on a date.Can you imagine? I don't think he's ever met anyone from the North before, I think it'd be 'terribly frightful' to try and explain the concept of gegging in to someone as posh as him...


In other news me and my housemates got the Christmas party started by going to the German market on the river last weekend. I love Christmas just for the sheer fact that all the coffee chains bring out festive cups, and of course the artery clogging amount of chocolate we get to consume on a daily basis (don't judge me, there are Quality Street and Roses EVERYWHERE. It'd be rude not to)

 It was blaaady freezing. So my trusty mittens came out of hibernation as did the sheepskin. 

I love this mustard jumper from Next. It's SO warm and is definitely my 'chunky knit' (whenever I read those  two words together, as I frequently do in magazines, it makes me think of vomit...) of choice this winter. 

Here's my Christmas market outfit in all its technicolour glory. Four coats of red lipstick for extra warmth and an amazing over-sized leather doctors bag borrowed from my housemate, I'm awarding it the best charity shop find so far this year.

More comedy-slagging-off-MIC-gold from my friend;
"Whys Rosie even still in it?! she hasn't shagged anyone for ages!"

Aaaaaaaaand that's why I love Mondays.


Monday, 26 November 2012


In approximately 16 days time I shall be hosting a launch party for my own design label, Little Shirley Beans.

*cue wild panicking*

Don't get me wrong, I love a good list. And a good party. AND clothes. So it all seems right up my street. I'm just terrified that no one will turn up, or that people won't like my stuff or that I won't be able to think of any new designs or a million and one other things that could go wrong...
I think I've not had enough sleep (too much wild, wild partying at the weekend) so I'm feeling all edgy and weird today.

I'm in danger of doing that really annoying thing of having loads of stuff to do and instead of actually doing any of it, just panicking about it until its too late.

Om. Om. Om.
Be calm.

I'm sending myself to bed early tonight in order to GET A GRIP and have any chance of pulling this thing off. (Look at that spontaneous use of capitals, its happening already)

So before I go and hyperventilate into a paper bag the important details are;

Little Shirley Beans Launch Party
Wednesday 12th December, 6:30pm
Revive London, 268 Holloway Road
Collars,cakes and cocktails!

If you live in London come and say hello. please.
Or just share this with anyone who likes vintage clothes and has a penchant for cupcakes

wish me luck!